Rural Ramble in the Ottawa Valley
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Up the Mighty Ottawa

Updated: 5 years ago - Created: July 25th, 2012

Trace the shoreline of this prehistoric waterway up-river, as it skirts the edge of the picturesque Laurentian Mountains.

Start your tour in White Lake and make your way to Arnprior by turning right on Burnstown Rd, then left on White Lake Rd (Cty Rd 2). Cross Hwy 17 into Arnprior and follow Daniel St to Madawaska Blvd. Turn left and follow Madawaska Blvd as it becomes Elgin St W and then River Rd (Cty Rd 1). Travel west along the Ottawa Valley Parkway (River Rd/Cty Rd 1) through Braeside and Lac des Chats.

Continue west on River Rd (Cty Rd 1) through Castleford and then west on River Rd (Cty Rd 4) and along Queen’s Line (Cty Rd 4). Turn right onto Foresters Falls Rd to make your way to Foresters Falls. Proceed north on Grants Settlement Rd (Cty Rd 43) and then turn left and travel on Gore Line Rd (Cty Rd 50) to Westmeath. Turn left onto Westmeath Rd (Cty Rd 12) and left again onto Lookout Rd (Cty Rd 31). Stop for a 360„a panoramic vista of farmland, forests and waterways. A must-stop for photography buffs!

Continue south on Lookout Rd (Cty Rd 31) and turn right onto Lapasse Rd (Cty Rd 49) to reach Beachburg. From Beachburg, turn right onto Beachburg Rd (Cty Rd 21). At Greenwood Rd (Cty Rd 40), keep right and proceed to Pembroke. From Pembroke, travel west on Hwy 17.

Turn left onto Doran Rd (Cty Rd 26), and take an immediate right onto Barron Canyon Rd (Cty Rd 28). Travel to Algonquin Provincial Park and hike the Barron River Canyon Trail to the top of the 300 ft. cliffs for a breathtaking view of this spectacular Ice Age gorge. Backtrack to Hwy 17. Cross Hwy 17 and proceed west on Doran Rd (Cty Rd 26) to Petawawa.

After your tour of Petawawa, continue west again on Hwy 17 and watch for signs between Petawawa and Chalk River for the Petawawa National Research Forest. Continue west on Hwy 17 through Chalk River, home of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., and on to Deep River and Meilleurs Bay. From Meilleurs Bay, proceed west on Hwy 17 to Rolphton and Deux Rivières. Continue travelling west on Hwy 17 and proceed to the lookout, located about 3km west of Deux Rivières.