Rural Ramble in the Ottawa Valley
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Switchbacks & Shorelines

Updated: 5 years ago - Created: July 25th, 2012

This tour meanders along the backroads of the Bonnechere and Madawaska River valleys, through the heart of the Ottawa Valley.

Start your tour in Burnstown. Depart Burnstown via Calabogie Rd (Cty Rd 508) and wind your way along the Madawaska River through Calabogie. Beyond Calabogie, turn right on Ferguson Lake Rd and proceed to Mount St. Patrick. From Mount St. Patrick, wind your way north along Flat Rd to Dacre. From Dacre travel north on Scotch Bush Rd to Balaclava. From Balaclava continue north on Scotch Bush Rd to Fourth Chute Rd and head towards Eganville.

From Eganville, take Hwy 41 to Foymount Rd, turn right and proceed to Foymount. Wind your way back downhill along Foymount Rd (Cty Rd. 512), to Brudenell. At the intersection with Opeongo Rd, Foymount Rd (Cty Rd 512) becomes Brudenell Rd (Cty Rd 512). Turn right on Brudenell Rd (Cty Rd 512) and proceed to Old Killaloe. Continue west on Brudenell Rd (Cty Rd 512) to Killaloe.

From Killaloe, turn right onto Hwy 60 and travel east towards Golden Lake. Turn right on Kokomis Rd (Cty Rd 70) to reach the Golden Lake First Nation Reserve. Backtrack to Hwy 60 and turn right. Travel through Eganville and on to Douglas. Continue east on Hwy 60 to Renfrew. In Renfrew, make your way to Hwy 17 and travel east to Arnprior. At Arnprior, follow Daniel St into Arnprior. Backtrack to Hwy 17, cross the highway and follow White Lake Rd (Cty Rd 2). Turn right on Burnstown Rd (Cty Rd 52) to make your way back to Burnstown.